Database Application Development

We can take your application and implement your business logic around that data to allow for the coordination between many users. With expertise in data management and datamining, you can retrieve unseen trends in customer behavior by incorporating business intelligence into your database, either through the design or through database applications.

We can help you accomplish your needs.

Data Architecture

We offer data architecture services to evaluate and ensure that your use of your data is relating directly to your business objectives and goals in a clean and efficient manner. We provide expertise in organizing your data into clear and concise objects that are easy to understand and keep organized.

We want you to be able to keep you data clean and accurate and be able to easily access the data how and when you need it.

Data Architecture, Design & Data Modeling

Development of a scalable database can save you thousands of dollars over the life of your database and applications. Your database is the heart of your business and you should take great strides to ensure that your mission critical data maintains its integrity.

Small changes in database design can result in cascading changes throughout your dependent applications. We will design your data model to suit your business needs as well as accomodate your future plans for additional business rules and functionality.

Architecture Retrofitting

Already have a database design? Does it fit your current goals? We can analyze your current architecture and make sure that it is fitting your goals. This includes rationalizing data to fit your application's design and needs. We attempt to make the process as non-intrusive as possible but older database designs that have been with a growing organization do have to be refactored significantly.

We will minimize your impact while maximizing your efficiency with your data.

Database Programming & Development

We are knowledgeable in RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems). Whether it be Oracle integration, SQL Server DTS (Data Transformation Services), SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services), Reporting Service or other packages, we can help integrate with your current business.

We provide expert domain knowledge in database programming to help you get the data where it needs to go and in the format and form that you need it.

Get Us Engaged Early

It is always best to engage early on projects that involve the collection and dissimination of data throughout your business. We can provide best practice advice on your projects from the design phase and better help you in your development of your applications that rely on critical data.

We can serve are intermediaries between you business unit and developers to coordinate the appropriate data collection and models.

Complete Migrations - Database Upgrades or RDBMS Change

Did you know that each RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) doesn't treat data the same way? What works in one, has to be transformed to work in the other. If you are moving from one version of a RDBMS to the same in that family (SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005), there can be challenges and optimizations. If you are changing from one RDBMS to another, there will be challenges. Contact us to help ensure a smooth migration of your data. Even the smallest loss or corruption of data could cost thousands of dollars to reconcile.

Partial and Recurring Migrations - Database Programming and Interoperability
If you have multiple RDBMS systems and need to syncronize the data between them one time or on a recurring basis, we can provide solutions that can accomplish this task. Either through scheduled jobs on a server or through Transform services in the RDBMS, we can push/pull the data as well as apply transforms that accomodate the receiving RDBMS.
Access to SQL

This is perhaps the most requested service that we receive. We can perform complete migration for MS Access databases to MS SQL Server. Contact us today to discuss your migration plan.

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